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A correspondent for People magazine, I have a strong background in covering entertainment news, human interest stories, and the royal family. During my career, I have also written about everything from the NFL to EU employment law and been heavily involved in the reporting of developing news stories such as the recent terror attacks in London, Manchester, Northern Europe, and Africa.
I can't remember everyone I've worked for, but here's the best list I can put together!

Time (USA), People (USA), Fortune (USA), Entertainment Weekly (USA), The Independent, The Independent on Sunday, Daily Mail, Daily Express, Sunday Express, Daily Mirror, WHO (Australia), Voici (France), Shortlist, FHM, Maxim, Loaded, LOOK, Now, More!, Women's Own, Woman, Golf Monthly, Arnold Palmer Magazine, Golf & Travel, Travel Weekly, Mixmag, Star, TNT, Women’s Health, A Place in the Sun, Army, British Legion magazine, Autocar, Practical Caravan, New Baby, Pregnancy, Camcorder User, World of Wrestling, XSports, Video Camera, Digital Photo User, Our Greatest Team... and lots more!,

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